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I Tried Filler!

Alrighty, no need to tell all the background here. The bottom line is that I finally got to try filler! My nasolabial folds have bothered me for a long time and so has my thin upper lip (a little). Finally my opportunity came and I jumped at it. Above are my before (left) and after (right) pictures. I do apologize that the lighting is not uniform in the pictures.

Here's everything I did at this appointment. First, I got botox in my forehead as I always do. Then, I got 4 units of Botox in my upper lip. This is called a Botox lip flip. Basically, it relaxes the muscles that work that part of you upper lip and this results in seeing more fullness rather than having it "cinched" by the muscle. Keep in mind, the results of the Botox take 10-14 days to reach their full results. The Botox in the upper picture has not had time to take its full effect yet.

And now the filler. I used Juvéderm. There are different types of Juvéderm. Some are better for lips, others for cheeks, etc. I got one syringe since this was my first time. It was used primarily in my nasolabial folds and my doctor saved a small amount and used in my upper lip.

If you are curious about the process I'm going to briefly describe it for you. The botox is used in small injections in the different areas where it is needed to paralyze the muscles for the desired effect. It is actually quite painless. For the filler, my doctor placed a topical lidocaine formulation on all of the areas that would receive an injection. Then after those areas were completely numb, the doctor proceeded to inject the filler. It was very quick. I was told to gently apply ice and avoid exercise for 24 hours.

So there it is! Although this was my first try at filler and I only got a small amount, I was very pleased with the result. Of course I think a little more might be better next time, if I get to try it again.

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