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Great Deal Alert!

I love J. Crew. Do I get to wear it a lot? Not as much as I would like! I found some super great deals on their website right now, they still have some very nice things left. And it goes without saying, the quality and durability is really top notch. Just so you can see how serious I am, I’ve included a couple of pictures of deals running right now with multiple discounts! The Sherpa zip up is thick, soft, warm, and durable My husband loves his and it’s a great gift idea. The earrings are an absolute favorite of mine. I have been wearing them quite a lot lately! YES! Around the house! They’re light and can go with dressier styles or with more casual outfits to elevate them. In fact, I ordered a second pair to have as backup in case anything happens to mine!

I love looking for bargains! Check back and I will share anything else that I find that I think would be helpful!

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